From Choppers to Mopeds…

Whether you ride a fully saddled custom Hog or a sporty crotch-rocket off the lot, we have the audio gear and accessories perfect for cruising the open road. Please, hold your burnouts for the end.

Small Size, Big Performance

Obviously, motorcycle gear (especially audio products) is smaller than what you’d find in cars or trucks. But the differences go far beyond size when it comes to this category. So what exactly makes audio, lighting, security, and accessories different for the bike?

The Unique Challenges Faced by Motorcycle Gear

Noise. Like, a LOT of it. No matter the make/model, riders are seated right on top of the engine. This, combined with road noise, makes it very difficult to enjoy music. Mother Nature. Unlike a fully enclosed car or truck, motorcycle gear is exposed to all the elements found outdoors – rainfall, UV rays, dust, and road debris. Space. Cars have trunks. Trucks have under or behind seats. Motorcycles have… Exactly. With a premium on space, your system needs to be as compact as it is powerful.

Made Specifically for Motorcycles

  1. Receivers – Water-resistant and dust-resistant with a rugged build that stands up to blinding UV exposure and motor vibration.